Local History

With its founding, Iota Delta became Chi Psi’s 34th Alpha, and the eighth in the south. During the next few years, Iota Delta occupied three small lodges around the Georgia Tech Campus. During this time, plans were drawn by the Alumni association for a new, full lodge to be located at the corner of Fourth and Fowler streets. However, because Iota Delta was too young to finance such a large project, many alumni not only from Georgia Tech, but from all over the country helped to make the new lodge a reality. In March, 1929, the lot was purchased and by September, the new lodge was finished. Following Chi Phi and Beta Theta Pi, Chi Psi was the third fraternity with a house on Georgia Tech’s new fraternity row. After moving into the new location, Iota Delta experienced record growth until February 11, 1933 when a fire broke out on the third floor of the lodge. Despite icy conditions at the time, the fire was put out with the help of five fire companies. Fortunately covered by insurance, the damages were estimated at $15,000.

During the next year, Iota Delta experienced a decrease in membership. Then, during the latter half of the decade, the size of the brotherhood began to rise again until the 1940’s. With the onset of World War II, fraternities nationwide were experiencing a loss of membership. Chi Psi was no exception and by fall of 1943, Iota Delta was forced to let Georgia Tech rent the lodge out as a dorm. Due to cutbacks in government spending, in 1944 Georgia Tech canceled the lease of the lodge and Iota Delta was forced to sell the lodge which later came under possession of Alpha Tau Omega. This, coupled with the lack of membership, caused the Alpha to become dormant.

The First 10th Street Lodge

By 1946, with the help of several alumni, Iota Delta was reactivated and in 1947 a new lodge was purchased at 734 Spring Street. With the reactivation, came a renewed spirit and, as reported in the March issue of The Purple & Gold, the Georgia Tech Inter-Fraternity Council as well as the Dean of Students officially recognized the alpha again. In the early 1950’s, Iota Delta purchased a house on 10th St. known as the Ceflau house. This was an old antebellum structure with soaring columns and space for 26 men.

The Asbury Broadus Greene, Jr. Memorial Lodge

After approximately 10 years, the lot to the right of the lodge was purchased and subsequently a campaign was started to raise money for a new lodge to be built. After $85,000 had been raised from contributions from alumni and actives, plans for the new lodge were drawn up by Charles Johnston ’40. With the completion of the plans, the old structure was demolished and the land was cleared. In Apr. of 1966 the ground breaking ceremony was held and construction began on the new lodge soon thereafter. In June, 1968 the Asbury Broadus Greene, Jr. Memorial Lodge was dedicated at 195 10th street. In celebration of the new lodge, Iota Delta hosted the 127th National Convention in June, 1968. This lodge stood for almost 28 years, until 1995 when a contract was signed with Turner Broadcasting to sell the land and the structure.

The Robert B. Plunket Memorial Lodge

This provided an excellent opportunity for Alpha Iota Delta to build a new lodge on a more convenient location on the Georgia Tech campus. With the signing of the contract, a lot was secured on campus and plans for the new lodge were underway. The plans were ready and the groundbreaking ceremony was held in the summer of 1995, and construction had begun by August. The construction proceeded smoothly, and the lodge was ready by spring of 1996.

The new lodge, which was named after AIΔ alumnus Robert Plunkett, was dedicated at a ceremony on May 18, 1996. During the the 1996 Summer Olympics, the lodge housed Olympic athletes from around the world. The Robert B Plunkett Memorial Lodge currently houses 36 brothers. At the 2010 Chi Psi National Convention, Alpha Iota Delta won the Founder’s Trophy, an award created in 1974 in honor of the then #7, Oliver R. Rowe, S’25. The Founders Trophy is given annually to honor that Alpha which has made the most significant improvement during the school term.